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Welcome to the Sunshine Classic Horse Show

Show Times

8:20 A.M.
Presentation of our Nations Colors and National Anthem.
8:30 A.M.
Show Begins

Ride Times

The Sunshine Classic of Florida We are very excited about The Sunshine Classic Series Open All Breed Horse shows that will be held at The Triple J Ranch in Sarasota, Florida.

I have had the opportunity over the past several years to engage in many conversations about the exuberant expense of todays horse shows.  When I started showing………a while back…………” all breed shows” were the solid ground of the industry.  Most exhibitors who showed at the local saddle club shows as well as the “breed shows”.   The Midwest has a strong reputation for solid, quality “all breed shows”.  Many exhibitors in the Midwest enjoy showing at the breed shows, or the local circuit show.  I have had the opportunity to judge two times at The Apple Blossom Show held in East Lansing, Michigan.  Each time I judged I had over 1000 entries….yes….1000 entries….in one day!  The vast majority of exhibitors would be able to show at breed shows competitively.  The show was probably the finest run show I had ever been involved with.  The cost was affordable and the exhibitors just….had a good time.
My vision for The Sunshine Classic Horse Show Series is similar to these shows. Our Florida Horse shows are designed to bring together horse show enthusiasts …..from the seasoned…..to the beginners.
Triple J Ranch in Sarasota, Florida is a beautiful facility.  A large covered Arena, we will be sectioning off one third of the arena to act as a “make up area”.  The southern covered arena will be for working, lunging etc…Our trail patterns will be set up in the beautiful open area to the west of the covered arenas.  This should allow for optimum working and prep areas.  We look forward to seeing you in Sarasota and please spread the word!  Thank you to all who have contacted us with enthusiasm

You can contact us at info@thesunshineclassic.com