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General Rules
  1.  Management reserves the right to cancel or combine classes.
  2. The Sunshine Classic Series shows will follow standard stock breed rules.  For example: AQHA, APHA etc…
  3.  Judges decision is final.
  4. Age of exhibitors will be established as age on September 27, 2014.  Exhibitors may stay in that division through the season ending show May 16, 2015.  Exhibitors have the option of changing divisions beginning with the February show if they so desire.  Points for year end will not follow.  For example:  Exhibitor turns 19 on December 1st, 2014.  Exhibitor has the option to move from 14- 18 to the Non Pro 19 and over Division.  Points from 14- 18 will not count towards Non Pro 19 and over year end awards.
  5. Trail may be shown in Western or English attire and tack.  Trail points will count towards over all high point as well as divisional high points for English or Western.  For example:  Exhibitor shows Trail in English Attire.  Points will count towards over all daily high point and towards divisional English high point.   If show is running with time restraints… and an exhibitor is in English attire and tack and needs to perform a trail run and had planned prior to perform trail in western attire……management has the right to allow exhibitor to perform trail run in English and allow points to count towards the western divisional high point.
  6. Trail will be run in “open format”.  Exhibitors will sign in for their “go”.  When it is their turn, they will tell the judge which class they are competing in.  For example:  Exhibitor XYZ has position 10 and 15.  They will tell the judge(when they are preparing to go in positon 10) Which class…for example “Open trail”, when the perform their go in position 15…they tell the judge “14-18. Etc…
  7. Horses shown in “Ranch Division”.  Clipping is optional.  Working equipment only.  No silver allowed.  NO banding or braiding of manes and tails. No tail extensions allowed.  Chaps are optional.  “Ranch Pleasure”, class number 57, will be a standard western pleasure class.  Horses will be judged at a walk, jog, and lope.  Horses are to demonstrate the gates at an acceptable “Ranch” appropriate strides.  A good working jog/trot and a smooth appropriate stride at the lope.
  8. Show attire is to be in compliance with standard breed attire.  (AQHA, APHA etc…).  Shirts with collars, etc….
  9.  Excessive rail coaching will result in disqualification at Judges discretion.
  10. Exhibitors numbers must be worn in all classes.  Riding classe’s, number must be on both sides of saddle pads.  English exhibitors may use a string and slide their number from side to side around their waist.  No number is a disqualification.
  11. No refunds.  With that said…………there will be situations that will occur and an exhibitor needs to abruptly cancel their remaining classes due to unforeseen circumstances.  Lameness, obvious illness etc…. Angry parents and disobedient children are not qualifying reasons.
  12. Judges discretion on lameness.
  13. There will be no rail work in equitation and horsemanship.
  14. Exhibitors are responsible to be at the gate when class is called.
  15. Safety is our main objective.  Management reserves the right to ask unprepared horses to be put away. 
  16. Exhibitors who show in a regular division class may show in a walk/trot class.  However, exhibitor will not be eligible to show in a corresponding walk/trot/canter class.  For example:  Exhibitor in Non pro adult shows all classes with the exception of Trail.  Exhibitor may show W/T trail.  However, points from the W/T trail class would not count towards Non pro high points.
  17. Walk/Trot exhibitors will not be disqualified for using two hands.
  18. The Sunshine Classic Round Up Division.  Horses eligible for this division will be for  yearlings exhibiting at the September, October and November shows.  Two year olds for the February, March, April and May shows.  Classes to count for daily and yearend prizes.  Two and under halter, longe line(to be offered last class of the morning, prior to lunch break.  Longe line will be two and under for February, March, April and May) and the In-hand trail class.